Java SE7 Features

Java SE 7 – New Features


InvokeDynamic byte code + supporting features

VM and language extensions to support the implementation of dynamically-typed languages at performance levels near to that of the Java language itself.


Concurrency and Collections APIs

The Fork/Join framework is an easy-to-use way to take advantage of multiple processors. The ThreadLocalRandom . . . → Read More: Java SE7 Features

Read directory and files

The following Java code reads a directory, its files and sub directories under it.

import; import; public class ReadDirectory { /** * Read the directory and display the files. * @param directory * @throws IOException */ public static void read(String directory) throws IOException { File dir = new File(directory); File[] files = dir.listFiles(); . . . → Read More: Read directory and files


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JavaBeans are reusable software component models for Java. JavaBeans provide platform neutral component architecture.

Beans vs Libraries Not all useful software modules are necessarily beans Beans are appropriate for software components that can be visually manipulated to achieve some effect. Class libraries are helpful in providing the required functionality for the programmer but they doesn’t . . . → Read More: JavaBeans